How PrintBid.com works


Signup as a print buyer and choose who you want to submit your project to.

1. FREE option: Your print project can be sent to all our paid printers at no charge to you or you can limit geographically which printers should receive this project for quotes.

Printers will submit pricing directly to you with no obligation to utilize their service. These printers want you business and would be happy to discuss your project directly should you wish to call them. PrintBid.com facilitates the transfer of information from print buyers to printers but has no part in the printing process.

2. PAID option: In addition to what is already included on the FREE option you will have the ability to submit your project to the FREE printers, which can significantly reduce your cost by having more printers bid on your project. The cost is just $4.95 to submit one project to all printers on PrintBid.com

3. Print Management: Print buyers can also create a list of your own printers and submit projects through PrintBid.com. This enables you to submit all print projects from one location and manage the bids from all printers.


Signup as printer and choose the plan that fits you best.

1. FREE option: You will receive projects from print buyers who have paid to submit their jobs on PrintBid.com. You have the ability to bid on these projects and communicate with print buyers directly through PrintBid.com.

2. FULL bid (Monthly $50): With the full bid option you get all of what the FREE option has but you also receive all the quote requests that FREE print buyers submit. This will significantly increase the number of quote requests and give you more opportunities to get business.

3. FULL bid (Annually $500): This option reduces your cost by two months

4. FULL bid PLUS (Monthly $75): With the full bid plus you get all of what FULL bid receives but these quote requests are sent directly into your email box instead of having to login to PrintBid.com each time to check the projects.

5. FULL bid PLUS (Annually $750): This option reduces your cost by two months