‘Top 50 GPO Suppliers’ Report Finds Steady Work Volumes Despite the Economy


CHAMBERSBURG, PA—Dec. 11, 2012—Even in light of volatile marketplaces, private-sector companies that serve the printing needs of numerous federal government agencies and departments [procured through the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO)] continue to enjoy a positive revenue stream, according to figures compiled for the latest “Top 50 GPO Suppliers” reports. In preparing the reports, the staff of Government Print Management noted some interesting trends.

The first three quarters of 2012 were nearly identical to 2011 in terms of total volume procured by the GPO. Volumes for the first three quarters of 2012 totaled $61 million, $83 million and $70 million, respectively, compared to $61 million, $79 million and $78 million for the same quarters for 2011.

“Although short term, this trend shows a relative steadiness in the amount of printing the government is sourcing from the private sector, and supports the idea of GPO work being a sustainable source of revenue,” said Deborah Snider, senior vice president of Government Print Management.

Also continuing  is the longer-term trend of increases in volume between the first and second quarter. “This similarity, combined with the change from decline to relative stability, is encouraging,” Snider said. “Changes in government printing caused some worry. But with advances in green printing and acceptance of newer technologies, the (business) potential GPO printing holds for the industry is exciting.”

A look at the broad variety of printing companies that comprise the “Top 50” lists for the second and third quarters of 2012 is encouraging as well. While those at the very top are naturally larger-scale organizations, printers of all sizes and specialties are benefitting from their efforts. At the top of the list for the third quarter are: 
  1. NPC Inc. of Claysburg, PA, with $7.437 million in print volume,
  2. Sourcelink of Miamisburg, OH, at $3.442 million,
  3. PA Hutchinson of Mayfield, PA, at $3.247 million,
  4. Cenveo of Stamford, CT, at $2.677 million and
  5. Monarch Litho of Montebello, CA, at $2.487 million.

“Top 50 GPO Suppliers” full reports for the second and third quarters of 2012, delivered free via email,Opens in a new window are available from Government Print Management. 

Top 50 Suppliers to the Government Printing Office
(Third Quarter 2012)
Rank     Company (City, State) Volume
1 NPC, Inc. (Claysburg, PA) $7,436,903
2 Sourcelink (Miamisburg, OH) $3,441,879
3 PA Hutchison (Mayfield, PA) $3,246,815
4 Cenveo (Stamford, CT) $2,677,454
5 Monarch Litho (Montebello, CA) $2,486,650
6 Gateway Press (Louisville, KY) $2,007,180
7 Gray Graphics Corp. (Capitol Heights, MD) $1,896,887
8 Colonial Press Int'l. (Miami, FL) $1,888,617
9 Xerox Corporation (Washington, DC) $1,372,300
10 McDonald & Eudy Printers (Temple Hills, MD) $998,709
11 District Creative Printing (Upper Marlboro, MD) $753,603
12 Bros. Lithographing (Chicago, IL) $727,147
13 United Book Press (Baltimore, MD) $702,218
14 Intelligencer Printing (Lancaster, PA) $700,906
15 Thunderbird Press, Inc. (Titusville, FL) $632,010
16 Art Litho Company (Baltimore, MD) $626,486
17 Balmar Prtg & Graphics, Inc. (Gaithersburg, MD) $562,518
18 Goodway Graphics of Va. (Springfield, VA) $562,275
19 S & W Manufacturing (Florence, SC) $549,120
20 National Envelope (Frisco, TX) $527,271
21 Connecticut Laminating Company (New Haven, CT) $515,587
22 Production Press, Inc. (Jacksonville, IL) $508,163
23 Alcom Printing Group (Harleysville, PA) $499,947
24 Precision Printing, Inc. (Moberly, MO) $492,766
25 Consolidated Graphics (Houston, TX) $455,960
26 KD8 Enterprises (Centerville, UT) $455,426
27 FileAmerica (Fordyce, AR) $449,134
28 Todd Allan Printing (Beltsville, MD) $429,694
29 Banknote Corporation of America (New York, NY) $422,280
30 Bosworth Printing Co. (Stoughton, MA) $420,704
31 Sekan Printing (Ft. Scott, KS) $418,146
32 Printing Resources (Cleveland, OH) $402,113
33 Highland Computer Forms (Hillsboro, OH) $400,292
34 Pinnacle Data Systems (Birmingham, AL) $399,134
35 Premiums & Specialty, Inc. (Medford, NJ) $387,921
36 William & Heintz Map (Capitol Heights, MD) $378,827
37 Litho Press (San Antonio, TX) $374,835
38 BKR Printing (Salt Lake City, UT) $363,644
39 West Shore Prtg. & Dist. Corp. (Mechanicsburg, PA) $359,423
40 Graphic Visions & Associates, Inc. (Gaithersburg, MD)        $357,352
41 Coverbind Corporation (Wilmington, NC) $348,327
42 Pacific Graphics (Monterey Park, CA) $336,216
43 EU Services (Rockville, MD) $320,262
44 Digital Rio (Kennesaw, GA) $319,749
45 Albuquerque Printing Company (Albuquerque, NM) $316,567
46 Micrographics, Inc. (Gainesville, FL) $303,673
47 Lithexcel (Albuquerque, NM) $297,809
48 Fry Communications (Mechanicsburg, PA) $296,003
49 Digital Depot/dba Digital Work (Salt Lake City, UT) $278,879
50 Omaha Printing Company (Omaha, NE) $275,462

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